Youtube For Business

These days, you can’t really survive unless you are doing video for your business. By 2019, 80% of the internet traffic will be video based. Just look at Youtube. With over 1 billion unique monthly users, this stat is hard to ignore. Besides Google, it’s the second most popular search engine out there. People use Youtube to find a solution to their problems, along with entertainment. For your business, if your company has a solution to a problem for the masses, if you’re not doing Youtube marketing, you’re really losing out.

Succeeding in Youtube With Your Business

Video creation and optimization is vitally important for your business strategy and search rankings. However, most companies don’t get results when they post a video to Youtube.  In order to succeed with Youtube, you need a plan. Think about finding a company that does local video marketing. When you have a company that knows what their doing and how to rank videos, you will then see success.

If you do or do not decide to work with a video marketing company, you should think about what your approach will be and what you want to accomplish. Do you have products to market? Maybe you’d like to do an information based video? Entertain your brand? Making a video with great content is just one thing. Equally important if not more than important is promoting it.

Tips For Promoting on YouTube

1.    If you are not utilizing SEO video marketing services, you’ll still have to consider SEO to be successful. Your title is very important. Don’t over-analyze this. Think of your end user and what keywords they would use for a search – put this in your title.

2.    After uploading your YouTube business video, make sure that you share this on all of your local properties like facebook, twitter etc.

3.    Be sure to include the link to your website in the first sentence so it is visible to all viewers and they can see it is a clickable link.

4.     Make sure you have a good description of your video and embed your keywords. Do not stuff or repeat too often. Make it look natural. Include your business address and phone number at the bottom, as well as a link to a few other social properties.

5.    Embed your video on your website. Preferably at the top where it’s very visible. Video gets a lot of attention and can increase the page time on your site – which is favourable when it comes to rankings.

6.    You might also want to write up a press release for your video. This can be very powerful if done right.
Millions of people share the top ranking videos in YouTube, imagine having your video being shared, even by just a few hundred and what that could do for your business. If you have an advertising budget, consider working with one of your local SEO companies.

With their cost effective SEO video marketing, they are specialists at leveraging your current videos and optimizing them to increase your web traffic and conversions.
As a business owner, you can’t afford NOT to use YouTube. Video evokes emotional power and with YouTube’s enormous audience, you have the ability to reach new customers around the globe. There really is no other way to really inspire and capture an audience in such an easy and cost effective way.

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