Why To Hire an SEO Expert in Toronto

Rapidly building your business online can only be accomplished with spending a lot of money or having multiple occurrences of viral traffic. Let’s face it, the latter is much harder and isn’t something you can control. The former – a budget, is something you can leverage if you have it. This budget can be spent in one of two ways. You could either run a massive paid ad campaign on Google or Facebook, or you could invest in SEO.

Doing Business in Toronto

Let’s take for example a large metropolis like Toronto, Canada. If you have a business in Toronto, you likely have competition. Your competition could even be within a block or two away from you. Now, how do you get customers to walk through your door instead of your competitors? There are some things you can’t control and that is customer loyalty. A consumer may have a long standing relationship with a business and enjoys the company and products or service of that particular business.

If this business should ever start to lose the quality or the rapport of the customer, they are in danger of losing them. At this point the customer may start to look for a replacement and chances are the first thing they will do is look online. Now, word of mouth is very important so if someone refers them to another business, then chances are you will never acquire that customer. If they look online and find your Google advertisement, then a click can occur and possibly a contact.

Advantages of an SEO Campaign

Of course the downside to this is that every time a customer clicks on your ad, you get billed regardless if they call or visit you. In fact it could take up to 10 times of clicks to your ad that someone will contact you. Now imagine if you had a free, organic listing in Google. How much would that be worth to you? What if you had multiple keywords that were ranking on the first page? How much would that be worth? The amount of money you would spend on ads far would outweigh the long term costs of a solid SEO campaign.

This is why SEO is the best way to go for any business, regardless if you live in Toronto or not. Even in smaller cities, if a customer cannot find you online, they you are practically invisible to them. Not only that, when a customer sees you ranking on page one in organic search, they also have this feeling that you are a reputable business.

I mean, if you weren’t would Google even be ranking you on the first page? People are much more savvy these days and they know that anyone can get on top of the first page by paying for ads. But, when they see your business listed on the first page it certainly legitimizes your business more.


Keep in mind that SEO is not cheap. At the same time, beware of the companies that charge a low flat rate. And for god sakes, do not hire an SEO from India. Their low cost may be appealing but they use outdated, spammy tactics that will do more harm that good long term. Hire the best and your business will be in good hands. SEO takes time, so if you are prepared for the long haul the benefits will be appreciated even more.