How to Ensure Google Knows You Exist

Having a solid online presence is critical if you want to be found by anyone on today’s Internet, and that includes the search engines. No one thinks about what Google must do to find a website; they just use it as a tool to find everything they need. However, for Google to be able to help others find what they need, they do have to find it first – and Google doesn’t get the help of a search engine like, well, Google. So how do you make sure you get found by the world’s largest search engine?

Start With The Basics

Don’t worry about getting noticed by Google until you at least have the basics down. You want at least a few pages of content, a bit of graphics or organization, and ideally four or five posts or more. You need original content that is uniquely yours. Once you have at least that base, then you can go through a few simple steps to make sure Google Finds you.

Google+ Is Your Best Friend

Nothing gets indexed as quickly as Google’s own search engine. Set up an account, create a Google+ post that links to your website, then one for each page or post, and your website will be indexed in no time. YouTube is another property that can help with quick indexing and linking, but Google+ is all but a guarantee that your website will be noticed and indexed (as long as it is not spam or had not been previously marked as spam).

Small Businesses Need To Claim Their Listings

If the website is a small business, you can claim a business listing and a map listing directly from Google, which is about as easy as it gets for making sure that the search engine now knows your website exists. You get to contact Google directly and have them add your information to their databases and the search engine results, which also helps you hit that end goal of getting noticed.

There Is Google Website Claiming, Too

Some websites aren’t naturally set up for a listing in Google Maps or Google Business. In this situation, you still have an option for registering your domain with Google to get indexed and claim your “general listing.” This often isn’t necessary, but it is a nice way to get a little more attention to your website from the one single search engine that directly accounts for around 2/3 of the world’s traffic.

So why not take advantage of this?

In Conclusion

Tying all of these tips together is a sure-fire way to make sure that Google doesn’t ignore you. While the search engines are better than ever at locating new content and figuring out what keywords and areas they should appear in, it never hurts to hedge your bets and make sure you’ve taken all the right steps to put yourself in a position to reap the benefits. These tips are all fairly easy to implement, and they get the results you need!

But if you want to be taken seriously by Google, employing an SEO agency is a no brainer. Not only will they find lot’s of trusted, powerful friends to start talking about your business online, they will also move your website into a good neighbourhood in the search results where lot’s of visitors are frequently stopping by. Red Rain SEO are the preferred choice for many local businesses in Galway, Ireland. If you really want to be taken seriously by Google, check out Red Rain SEO or you can always take a look at their Stage32 profile.

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