Buy Info Products From Review Sites With Bonuses

Let’s face it, online marketing is hard and to do it correctly you need the tools. Some people pay tens of thousands of dollars before they even make a dime online. Getting a review on a course or product that you want to buy is usually the best option, especially when a nice bonus is offered as well. There are tons of courses online out there and usually these are courses that are tied to some kind of affiliate marketing program like JVzoo.

You would be surprised how many times you bought something online and someone you don’t even know in the world is getting a commission for what you just bought. Commonly, Amazon is a very lucrative market for affiliate sellers as they can sell boatloads of product with their affiliate link and you’d never even know it. It’s a guarantee that if you bought at least 10 items online, at least one of them was a referral where someone got paid.

What These Reviews are all About

But this is not about Amazon it’s about making money online. How do y0u do that? Well the most common way is to go ahead and buy a course of some sort and then follow the direction and hopefully it will work out for you. There’s a lot of scams out there so you have to be careful with what you are buying. It’s best to go ahead and look for a review site that will offer the product you want to purchase, usually the best format is to search for the product name followed by review, or bonus or something in that combination.

When you look for these products online find yourself a review site that is legit because a lot of them are not. Some just try to sell you stuff over and over so they can make the money and they care little about whether or not you succeed.

Find a Good Bonus

If you scour the web for review sites and find some decent bonuses, just go with the best bonus of the bunch. Some will offer unrelated bonuses while others will actually put some work into it and offer something that you can actually use.

Paying Commissions

When you buy a product from a review site, more than likely the author will get a commission. It’s important for you to understand that there is no difference if you buy from them or from the product vendor directly. I mean, you are still buying from the vendor, it’s just the affiliate link is hidden on the way to the home site so the vendor knows where the link came from and can pay the affiliate appropriately.